What Writing - And Selling - Software Was Like In The 80's

I found this enjoyable article about running a software company in the 80’s:

Today shipping is nothing, push a few buttons and it’s uploaded somewhere. In those days shipping meant floppy disk duplicators, printers for manuals, boxes, and actual shipping. Who did you ship to? Distributors and mail order houses. You rarely sold to end users. Distributors took cases of boxes, putting a short description into a paper catalog they gave to retailers. If they sold any they sent you a check 90-180 days later. Anything they didn’t sell came back 6 months later. Mail order usually paid quicker. Distributors would pay you around 30% of the retail price; the mail order people were a little better. If you wanted a retailer to stock your app you were expected to advertise; no one did anything free for you other than put you in a catalog. This made making money a pain in the ass.

I’m glad I’m running a software company today and not 30 years ago…

Commits via Fedex … those people were giants!

Great read thanks for sharing.

Great article. Thanks.