What title do you give yourself?

This is less a question about whether your business card says that you are the “Chief Espresso Rockstar” or similar, but moreover when you think about who you are and what you do, do you think of yourself more as a:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Bootstrapper
  • Founder
  • Micropreneur
  • Product/SaaS Owner
  • Independent Developer

Others? Just curious, because just about every time I tell someone what I do, I change it :slight_smile:

If I tell other people I mostly discribe myself as founder or independent developer.

But if I answer support emails I tend to use “Head of Development” or something like this. Maybe it gives my answer a little more weight?

Founder. Because it sounds nice.

I suspect people appreciate getting an email from a person whose signature says “Founder”, too.

I use the title “Principal” in my email signature, but when talking to people I say “owner”.

I have two part time employees and a handful of contractors. I feel like the titles of CEO or President while I could use them truthfully - they wouldn’t be accurate or reflect the perception I’d like to show.

I’m sure I’ll change it at some point. But that’s where I am today.

“Google Whisperer”. I felt like a twat calling myself CEO (of a four person company), founder made me think of hide and seek, and Director made me feel evil. I may have issues.

@TheDaveCollins I think “Google Whisperer” is twattier than CEO… :smile:

Reminds me of the time I work in a company as the first and only employee. I had three bosses, who were business partners. One was the CEO, one was the CIO, and one was the CTO. I was the only non CxO person in the company. It felt…well…twatty.

Great :slight_smile: But the new cards are printed anyway! Any suggestions for less of a T factor for the next time around?

I prefer Chief Scapegoat privately. Publicly, I don’t really use a traditional title, just “Owner” of the business.

Chief Breaker and Fixer.

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