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What tech. stack is discuss.bootstrapped built in?


Really like the UI/UX and functionality of this forum. Just wondering what stack was used to build this ? Bonus if open source (I might be too ambitious here :smile:)


This forum runs on Discourse, a Rails-based forum package. It’s Jeff Atwood’s new project after he left Stack Overflow.

@imsickofmaps can probably give you more details.


Thanks @andrey. Discourse definitely looks great.


A suggestion: Is there a setting to set all the links to open in a new tab? Kinda drives me crazy that the resulting page replaces the forum and I never remember that this is one of the few websites on the entire internet that acts this way. :wink:


as a stop gap you can cmd+click on the mac or ctrl+click on linux to open a link in a new tab.


its in your user prefs, have a look.


My mind is blown.


I never considered I had preference settings. :slight_smile:


While this is a Rails app for the server-side, a large part of what you are seeing is emberjs. Discuss is probably the largest open source Ember app out there. There’s several discussions out there why they went with Ember. If you’re shopping client-side js apps, take a look at Ember. I’m a fan. Here’s a few resources for getting started. These is good as well: emberwatch & Ember Rock and Roll.