What Shawn Anderson learned that made him love hiring

A neat write up by Shawn Anderson at Admin Arsenal of what he took from one conference talk and put to work in his business.

How I learned to love, not loathe, hiring people.

It is easy to forget that hiring is not a popularity contest, you have to judge the effectiveness of your hiring process on the number of quality hires you make, not the number of interviews.

Any other tips?

I think maybe you left out the link :slight_smile:

I think the link will be this one:


Seems to be an ad for some scammy cards. Let me quote:

"Leadership Architect® Sort Card intellectual property license
lets organizations embed competency language into existing systems,
leverage familiar technology to streamline new program initiatives, and
gain early buy-in for new programs. "

Wow. I feel like I just got a MBA.

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Huh? The cards get one small mention at the end, and you’re quoting the product website linked from the post, not anything in the post itself.