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What SaaS Market information do you need?


As a SaaS provider, what would you like to know about your Market?

In the scenario where you can’t make the time to research it on your own, what SaaS

Market information would you find beneficial and useful to know?

Any suggestions and inputs are highly appreciated, cheers!


a quick few off the top of my head

  1. Global and Domestic size of market in $'s
  2. Global and Domestic size of market number of customer

Always struggle with 1 and 2 so any pointers on those would be appreciated

These I can do but they take time

  1. Competitors
  2. Competitor sizes in turnover, profitability & head count
  3. seo reports on competitors / industry (ahrefs etc)
  4. Where customers can be found online, where do they hang out, reddits, forums etc
  5. Common themes / pains that come up on discussion forums etc


I see, thank you very much for you input!

This was the whole point of my post, to see which information businessmen and women can find on their own, but due to time constraints are not able to.

I am very thankful for your input, and I greatly appreciate it!



What I find difficult is how to find initial customers for validation… especially if the tool is broad in use cases … like a club membership service of sorts…

Getting some interested contacts… the first 100 or so… that is so tough…