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What online marketplaces and/or platforms are you using to what success?



I am researching on online API based platforms such as shopify apps and salesforce.com for which you can build apps and leverage their client base.

Did anyone tried this platforms ?

Does anyone know similar platforms with potential ?



Hi, we’re in beta with our new app Paymo 3.0 which will be opened up for devs next year and you’ll be able to build on top of it and sell modules to our customer base. If you’d like more details let me know.


Haven’t used it yet, but I like the look of the Atlassian Marketplace. They get some impressive download numbers for paid add-ons and they can handle all the payments side of things for you I believe.

I’m also currently researching custom Splunk Apps but I’m not sure about the monitization story yet. I’d be very interested in hearing from anyone who has written one before. Or to hear people’s opinions of them in general if you’ve used one


Heroku has been very good to us. :slight_smile:


We are going to make a marketplace in https://backbeam.io but won’t be ready till first quarter of 2014. You will be able to make white-label web and mobile apps and sell them in the marketplace. Ready to be used. No need to do deploys, server maintenance, etc. Ping me if you are interested.


I’ve built apps for the Shopify platform and found it to be a great platform to work on. Tictail, another ecommerce provider, have recently opened up their own app store. It’s early days but I think it has a lot of potential (https://tictail.com/developers/)

There are drawbacks to being dependent on a platform but it also has advantages if you are bootstrapping: you can tap into an existing market very quickly.


Thanks all, it looks like this list of marketplaces and ecosystems can be a good way to bootstrap and access an existing market as @msmithstubbs pointed out.