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What Now Podcast; future?


Is the What Now Podcast coming back? I posted two questions to the last podcast and they are still in moderation.



We stopped doing them for a while, because we couldn’t sync up. And then so much time has passed by that it would’ve been embarrassing to start them up again.

If you still have a question, you can post it here, or send me an email or DM. :smile:


That’s not embarrassing! It was a very good show!
I definitely would appreciate a come-back.



I miss the show as well. It’s not often you have two hosts each trying to out self-deprecate the other.

Aside: it would be nice if you had some indie game developers on Bootstrapped.


Another +1, I still have What Now at the top of my podcast queue and would love to hear more episodes. I don’t mind if there’s been a long break, just pretend the break never happened :slight_smile: