What kind of useful / actionable insights would you want to know about or from your subscriptions?

As a personal business owner or startup founder, what would you want to know about your subscriptions you subscribe to for you business or self that would be beneficial to you?

What kind of useful / actionable insights would be of benefits to you to help you save money?


Can you give some examples of the types of insights you have in mind? Are you talking about country/company/job title type of stuff?

I am talking of the kind of useful insights a business owner would want for the products the subscribe to. Things that would maybe help them save money on subscriptions in general or maybe be give them an overview or transparency on them.

Can vary from business to business. I believe businesses tend to have a lot of untracked subscriptions

As most in this forum are tiny to small businesses I don’t think you’re going to find many that don’t have a very good handle on the (SaaS?) subscriptions they have in place - really not sure how you can add any value.

You could keep track of pricing changes and forwarn - but they are pretty infrequent and not something I would pay to monitor (e.g. Mailchimps recent changes have finally forced me to dump them - but I won’t actually do that until May 2020).

Could do similar when there are annual subs that could save money?

I would think this is more for medium to big companies though.

I vaguely think I’ve seen someone in these forums talking about creating or using such a service in the past.

Interesting take. Thank you for this. I strongly believe SMBs suffer from this a lot. They can’t exactly track everything properly.

One thought - suffering from it is different to knowing you suffer from it.

Personally I try to keep all such subscriptions to a minimum. But I can’t say I have a great handle on the value those I do use provide. It’s difficult to compare different services, so I’m intrigued how you would do this.

I believe the first step is giving better visibility and transparency on ongoing subscriptions.

I think there’s a really big opportunity to help organizations run their businesses better with all of these subscription services by having better visibility.

The relatively small monthly or annual cost of an individual SaaS solution means that departments and individual employees often maintain personalized suites of services tailored around their particular needs, forgoing some company-wide solutions altogether. But all those extra little subscriptions add up, and they can seriously affect a company’s bottom line.

Billisimo is addressing this need. Very much in private beta but to be in public beta this week. We are actively giving more and more data centric actionable to businesses that would help them.

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There is something I want to know and I haven’t found a good solution yet. I would like to have a service similar to something like a “simplified quickbooks online” merged with ProfitWell.

Something that would connect to Braintree (or Stripe for others), pull the current data, and let me enter some of my own additional data (subscriptions not processed via the processor, costs, etc). The dashboard would show not just MRR/ARR and SaaS metrics, but also a simplified financial statement: P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.

Before you say “but that’s what accounting does”: it’s not the same thing. I need a planning tool, to manage my business, that is always up to date. I would like to recognize income on a deferred basis, and have a way to look closely at the ongoing profitability of my business, as well as plan investments. This quickly becomes difficult with pre-paid SaaS subscriptions, where you might end up with lots of cash one month, but much less the following month. It isn’t even clear how much you can spend.

I’m currently doing some of this in a spreadsheet and feeling the pain.

That’s interesting. This is in line with what Billisimo is trying to do, i don’t if we could talk more and i onboard you / company as a client

Wait - what exactly is it Bellisimo does? In one answer you’re aluding to helping businesses keep track of the subscriptions they BUY - in another you’re talking about keeping track of the subscriptions they SELL?

Billisimo - Automated software renewal reminders for your team.

We started Billisimo to help get teams and companies manage their subscriptions and expenses a lot better.

Yes, to grow your business, you have to spend money on recurring expenses but you don’t have to spend what you don’t need to. Businesses need to stay in control of what they spend. That’s where Billisimo comes in.

Billisimo is software renewal reminders for your team, will help you to plan better, save better and reinvest better. Make sure your team is still getting the value you signed up for from your most expensive recurring subscriptions.

In very early stage but we are making alot of progress, just launched yesterday.

In a nutshell we want to help businesses at the end of the day. We want to be a helping hand