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What is your publishing schedule?


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how to best handle marketing for Proper (http://properapp.com). My current strategy involves four areas (+ 1 I’m thinking about):

  • Weekly Emails to Mailing List
  • Daily Finds (try to post interesting stuff to Twitter/Facebook 2-3 times a day)
  • Third-Party Blog Posts (I have a writer doing one post a week for me)
  • Special topic blog posts (no real schedule here, just when an idea pops in)
  • I’d like to try: drip/mixpanel notifications

My question for everyone is when do you publish? My big concern is finding the balance between staying relevant in my audience’s mind while avoiding being the obnoxious guy.

Do you worry about this? How do you manage your schedule?


I do not have a strict schedule - I do produce a lot less content that you apparently :slight_smile:

I started recently blogging here (and there is the associated newsletter, which basically notifies the subscribers that there are new blog articles).

To stay relevant, I figured out that I would divide my posts in three main categories:

  • features and updates (not everyone is interested)
  • cash flow and mastering your finances (more people interested)
  • growing and building a saas - technical/growth articles (even more people interested)

I do not worry too much about my schedule (anymore) - I do as I feel :slight_smile:


One thing you could do (if you’re not doing it already) is to use Buffer for posting to Facebook/Twitter.
Then you can use Followerwonk to set the perfect times to tweet out your content.
This is a very easy, one-time setup (for the publication schedule) and Buffer is pretty easy to use, because there are plugins for your Browser.


Who are you planning to appeal to. The unemployed? ;0)


BTW I send out newsletters to my PerfectTablePlan customers about 6-10 times per year, when I have something to say (e.g. a new release). And I put links to these newsletters on G+, Facebook and RSS. That’s it. I really don’t think they want to be hearing from me every day. But maybe your market/customers are different?