What is your experience with express checkout buttons on your site?

Hey Bootstrappers,

Nice to meet you all. I started a company around cryptocurrency processing and we are evaluating the area of express checkout buttons. So instead of typing in your delivery address and payment info, you just checkout with your account, similar to apple pay or PayPal express checkout, just for crypto.

Now I would like to know more about the current burning pains for online shops and payments. Are you frustrated about the fees? Problems with chargebacks and fraud? How is your conversation rate at the checkout? What is your experience with checkout buttons so far? I am here to learn directly from you and learn more about the real problems with running an online business.

Happy to connect and I am looking forward to your answers.

Cheers from Germany, payger

I do not need a crypto payment button.

I personally do not want to be paid in crypto. I prefer stable currencies.

I don’t need the anonymity that cryptos allegedly provide. I report my revenue and expenses to government anyway, and when I had a review last year, I also reported every single transaction, not just the bulk numbers.

I don’t want my buyers be anonymous, too. I suspect that buyer anonymity opens up a whole new road for disputes.

I do not need a public ledger of my transactions. I’m fine that government knows them all, and that my bank knows them too, but why publish them to the whole wide world?

I’m kind of OK with bank/processor fees. Of course I always want them be smaller, but realistically - they need to get paid, too. And if some link in the chain becomes too greedy, you can always replace it - the beauty of competition then should keep the fees at their healthy level.

Everyone who can pay in crypto already have credit cards or paypal (how else would they buy the cryptos?), so they can pay with the cards. Maybe for selling some “shameful” products the difference in buyer behaviour does exist, but I don’t sell those.

Moreover, I feel that having a crypto on my site would signal the visitor that something shady is happening here.

P.S. Personally, I believe that cryptos were a cool toy which has ran out of its novelty. It will only going down and down from now. Even the huge spike between 2017/2018 was apparently due to some large-scale manipulation, and not a true demand.