What is your experience with either RingCentral or Vonage?

We’re getting voicemail spam that fills our voicemail box (one super long vm message, I’ve never listend to all of it so no idea how long it is).

And I’ve been thinking about switching to VoiP anyway.

RingCentral looks like a better deal for us (two lines).
Looks like that would save us 70/month. Vonage would save us less, maybe

Anyone used either of them?

I was at this point not too long ago and checked out Google voice again. Glad I did. Obviously, you need to make a few sacrifices but it was well worth it. I have since moved along to Project Fi which incorporates many of the same features. Worth checking out.

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Hmmm… interesting. Hadn’t heard of Project Fi, although I use Google Voice.

Hmmm… am I missing something?
This seems to be for cell phone service.

I have several phones in my home and home office. I want to provide dialtone to them. Not sure how fi would work for that.

I used Vonage in the past (2yrs ago, for personal use) and currently use RingCentral (20 users at the day job, many dedicated numbers, actual physical, Polycom IP handsets on the desks). I love both!

RingCentral is awesome, I can’t speak highly enough about the system, reliability, and features. I’m not involved in the pricing decisions on our office phone system (at the day job) so I’m not sure if we’re getting a good deal or not, but as a user, it’s great.

Vonage was awesome back when I still used them (again, for home, not business).

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Sorry for the delay… Project Fi is a Google voice number, so while it is about cell phone service you can also have it ring your computer, tablets etc. So, it’s less of a similar service and more of a substitute service in my case. That’s what I meant by making a few sacrifices; sorry for the confusion.

I’m not sure from your post, but are you currently on Vonage, and is that where you are getting the VM spam?

I am currently on Verizon landline (and getting vm spam)

Clay, I’ve been using Ring Central for my consulting firm for almost 10 years now, with no problems. Very, very happy with both the featureset and the price.

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Another +1 for RingCentral. After running our own IP PBX (TalkSwitch) for years, RingCentral has been a huge blessing. Using it for about 3 years so far, it’s been rock solid. Love it.

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Late on this post. But I’ve had good experiences with Ring Central. They also have a feature that allows you to record conversations (it plays a warning so everyone knows they’re being recorded). The audio files are stored on your ring central account in the cloud, which is great.

I only record a handful of calls per year, but for long calls and interviews this is a great feature if you want a record and don’t want to be taking detailed notes while you’re on the phone.

Ring Central isn’t perfect. But I’ve been a satisfied customer.