What is the smallest/simplest product that you've seen that makes good revenue?

When I first heard of bingo card creator from Patrick Mckenzie, I was so surprised at the simplicity of the product. I thought people paid money only for complex business applications (after all, on the internet everyone expects things to be free).

Do you have any examples of simple/small products that generate revenue (yours or others’)?


Ya this is a kind of interesting phenomenon. https://www.hellobar.com/ is one that comes to mind.


does it make money though? seems like a free project?

Hm you know what I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure they used to charge for it - maybe they don’t any more.

I took a quick look at it yesterday. Basic usage is free, but many configuration options prompt you to upgrade to a premium account.

I think it’s grown now but I believe that at one point birthdayalarm.com was a simple service to get reminders about friends’ birthdays. Did it make money? Absolutely - this is from an article in the Guardian “… in 2003, Birchhad breakthrough with a greeting card site called birthdayalarm.com, and the money starting rolling in. “Birthday Alarm did work and became popular in 2003, and we were taking £10,000 a month, so it was very exciting. Then it went to £10,000 a day and we thought: ‘This is great’. Then we made £300,000 in a month, so that was the biggest turning point for us, by far,” says Birch”

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wow, that much money from a birthday greetings site, incredible!

I found this one to be very interesting (6 figures a year) - https://www.storemapper.co/

Yeah I met a guy who still maintains that website within Monkey Inferno and he told me what it currently makes, it’s still doing well. Great, simple and valuable idea…

what is monkey inferno


What is the product about?