What is a better ("markety") name for SaaS Web-App?

This is a healthcare app (interactive speech therapy practice).

I’d like to convey that it’s on the web.

Considering :smile:

Speech & Language Practice Web-App
… Interactive Web-site

But I thought I’d see if smarter minds had a better idea.


I keep seeing examples where having a name which matches search terms is better than a fancy name, so:

Online Speech and Language Practice
Online Speech Therapy

Locapy… speech + therapy

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Steve’s suggestions are spot-on. I’d focus on what it offers the user and what they’d search on. “Online” means something to users, because they won’t have to download/install etc. “SaaS” is probably not recognised by your target market, yet. While I despise the term, you could always use “cloud” somewhere, if it’s beneficial. That leads to: just A/B test a bunch of options and see what sticks.

Generic may be good for Google, but less so for branding. Ultimately it depends on your overall strategy with the app. {something} Speech Therapy (i.e. Locapy Speech Therapy) is a good compromise and allows flexibility in different mediums.

Maybe speech.ly or speech.io

Here’s a business name generator to help you waste a few hours before throwing your hands in the air and saying “Fuck it, I’ll just stick with [original name]”: http://sbinformation.about.com/od/startingabusiness/tp/Free-Business-Name-Generators.htm

But you’ll have some fun in the interrim. :smiley:


Try http://businessnameapp.com and add speech. There are also some extra options to describe your business idea.

You are quite right. And that’s how we picked MoreSpeech.com
Speech is our #1 keyword.

But I do also worry about being a bit too generic like calling your Hardware Store…ummm BestHardwareStore.com

So my compromise was MoreSpeech.com
(B/c We get them more speech practice, more speech therapy (b/c more progress means more coverage from insurance) and of course we get them more speech )


I wasn’t looking for a NAME. I was looking for how to present the name we already have:

Our product is MoreSpeech.com
Half our customers are over 60.

So I’m trying various ways to explain (briefly) that :smile:
MoreSpeech.com is a website for online interactive speech & language practice.
The italics part is the challenge. It’d like to shorten it.

Here is what I’m considering

  • MoreSpeech.com webapp for Speech & Language Practice : but web-app is confusing for ipad centric folks.
  • MoreSpeech.com for Speech & Language Practice : just assume that “.com” is self explanatory and they’ll go there and find out what it is and …just use it.
  • MoreSpeech.com Interactive Speech & Language Practice. similar to the above option but stresses the interactive bit.


Morespeech.com - online speech and language practice
Practice speech and language online with Morespeech.com

Or just skip the “online” and use your short version:
MoreSpeech.com for Speech & Language Practice

Or go with a benefit + call to action:
Improve your speech and language [online] with Morespeech.com

I don’t think “webapp” or “interactive” will resonate with the >60’s. I’d probably not have both “online” and “website”.

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How about: Just go to MoreSpeech.com for interactive Speech & Language Practice. Works on your iPad, Mac, or PC; nothing to install. [assuming that’s the case]

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Thanks Steve & Richard,

Great Suggestions.

My top one so far is “To to MoreSpeech.com for S…Practice”. That’s a Call To Action plus a benefit and actually sidesteps what to call it (webapp, app, website // none of which we can guarantee they’ll understand.)

Now I’l start “play testing” those with customers on the phone.