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What categories should we kick off with?


@rachelandrew said via email:

“introductions” - in the interest of this being a community we could ask people to make their first post an intro to them and their business/product(s). Gives us some background then if someone is asking a question and we can all post an intro there to start.

“discussion” - everything else for now, as @imsickofmaps suggests it stops there being a ton of categories all with one post!


Those look pretty good to me. We can keep it simple to start.


Without categories it gets hard to follow. You might consider:

Commercial Businesses
Great Links
Individual Projects
Info Sharing


Well the community is still pretty small, we’d rather keep simple as to where you put your posts but over time if there’s a lot of users we can break out more. I think they’ll probably become pretty obvious if we start to see a lot of posts of one type that don’t really fit.


I’m pretty sure that before soon long, there’ll be a need for an “Evaluate my site/product” category


Done. There is now a “Show & Tell” category where you can show everyone the products you’ve created and request feedback.