What book (or blog) on COPYWRITING do you recommend?

What book, and why did you like it?

If you make each book a separate reply then folks can vote on answers.


My audience is in two different segments:

  1. Professionals, 90% women, Masters Degree, age 25 to 65. Although those most likely to be our customers probably skew to 30 to 45.
  2. Home users: over 50, most (70% or so) are over 65.

I’m looking for books on:

  • Copywriting for headlines, stories, blog, etc.

Cashvertising: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1601630328/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_goTK9npu1TLUv

This one is popular. I bought it but confess I have not read it yet.

It depends on your audience!
So, define your audience first, and then look for the appropriate copywriting.

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Nicely Said is short and sweet. A great read that hits all of the key points.


Not exactly copywriting but I really liked Pitch Anything by Klaff. It’s about pitching a product / service to a client / investor. Very interesting (imho) theories behind it and entertaining stories.

I believe The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing had some examples of good copy. Again, not solely about copywriting, but related and also very good.

I updated the description. Although Honestly, I’m interested in any GOOD book on copywriting.

short and good:

“Business Writing” by W. Davidson, not specific about copywriting, but helped me a lot. (cheap used on amazon)

With you audience, making no spelling mistakes is really important.


Not really a book but more a style: E-Prime

I bet you’ll notice that much of the good marketing copy has an E-Prime flavor. In a previous life I built an e-prime javacript checker (for blog) to help me stay compliant. It changed my whole writing style. I think for the better, but who can really say.

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A bit late replying, sorry. Life has put my bootstrapping on hold for the past few months

here goes…

not a book but a great resource is copyhackers https://copyhackers.com/category/copywriting/

My go to books are

The Copywriters handbook (Bly)
The online copywriters’ handbook (Bly)
Dan Kennedys Ultimate Sales letter (
Second Edition, later ones are more salesy for his GKIC)
Tested Advertising Methods (Caples)
Advertising Secrets of the Written Word (Sugarman)

the books are a bit geared to the era of direct sales/advertising but coupled with resources like Copyhackers still have tremendous value


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I recommend paying someone, no matter how much you read, poach, re-use, try - you will never match a professional doing the same. If it is important, pay for it.

I don’t know, I was searching for a writer some months ago on this forum and ended up learning to write myself from NN Group and Copyblogger blogs.

It ended up well and I’m not even a native speaker. My previous experience is some video game guides many years ago and posting comments on the Internet for 15 years.


I disagree. 50% of good copywriting is knowing the words and lingo your customer users. And you should know that from your customer discovery process.

A copywriter might be able valuable in polishing up and guiding you through the process, as well as pointing out things like “you’re using too much text!”

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Interestingly, there is only one online checker for E-Prime that I’ve found.


(It feels hard - I’m not allowed to say “is only one”, right? What should I say: “I found only one”?)

:sunglasses: Yes I found it difficult at first too, but you instinctively have a knack for it: “it feels hard” expresses your personal opinion as opposed to the absolute version “it is hard”

This helps avoid mistakes in your writing by taking away an ability to make idle assertions. Much of our prose is opinion or an expression of our experiences. This slight change in tone helps when we want to highlight a true purposeful assertion. After many sentences without the “to be” copula you can bring it out for a more powerful effect: That is why I chose E-Prime.