What are your thoughts/experiences about mastermind groups?

I’ve just created a meetup group (Barcelona Micrepreneurs) which is working in a similar way than I mastermind group (I guess).

We meet once a month an those who want share in 5 minutes:

  • What they have done in the last month.
  • Which are their goals for the next month.

After that, the other people of the group give feedback during also 5 minutes.

We will meet for the third time on september. In the first two meetups we’ve been between 15 and 20 people.

I was wondering if there’s something we could do to make the group more useful. Do you have any idea or suggestion?

I think your meetup is too big to be a mastermind. I think it’s easier for people to be open & honest, and to commit to goals, with a smaller group of regulars (4-6). It feels like a trusted board of advisors, at that size.

15-20 is a great size for an in-person bootstrappers meetup, but you might have more luck keeping the format more discussion-ish (instead of goals/accountability-ish).

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Thanks @gregormckelvie, @coreysnipes!

I’ll take this in mind as the meetup goes forward. For the moment, the meetup is helping me keep accountable. It’s true that some people seem more interested in the social part.

My intention is to fine tune the format so that, eventually, it only make sense to attend if you’re making real progress.

It’s an experiment, so let’s see how it goes.