What annoying/repetitive/boring tasks i can face


currently starting pre-marketing (coming soon page).

I’m newbie and i want to ask what annoying/repetitive/boring tasks i can face in the future and how i can solve/automate it?

It would good if you could share your experience.

  • Support
    • No real shortcuts but some tips here - also don’t include free unlimited ‘for ever’ support otherwise you’re asking for trouble down the line and by the time it hits you its too late to change.
  • Book Keeping
    • Hire an experienced book-keeper
  • QA Testing
  • Can outsource once you’ve a stable system + use unit testing to reduce what you have to do.
  • Dealing with B2B purchasing processes
    (PO / vendor reg forms / tech review meetings, sales meeting)
  • Different countries tax rules

Have a look back through this forum esp at things like “what do you outsource” for some ideas.


Thank you for your answer. Very interesting.