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What about a "Real-life Bootstrapped Meet-Ups" category?


I mentioned in a comment a few days ago that I was in Rio. A fellow forum member who lives in Rio saw this, contacted me, and invited me out for dinner. It was a pleasant experience.

It got me thinking…as the membership of the forum grows, the probability of a sizeable number of members in any one large city becomes high. High enough to make real-life meet ups feasible.

I’d love a forum category where I could write, “Let’s have a Barcelona Bootstrapped meet up!”

What do you think?

SaaS internationalization

Love this idea! Let’s see what the other admins and bootstrappers think, but sounds good to me.


I would love this. I have been trying hard to find likeminded people locally.
[Edit:] I live in Dallas, TX


Could we have a “nearby location” setting in our profile and then use a service such as http://www.latlong.net/ to find the lat/lon for a town near us. There could be a button for Find Local Bootstrappers within 10/20/30 miles. That way only people that wanted to be found could be.


@SteveMcLeod, it was pleasant for me too!! :slight_smile:

Hoping to see this idea getting traction …


Great Idea!! I would love to meet local entrepreneurs.


This admin is +1 :smiley:


That would be really nice and I would love to meet with other bootstrappers locally and while traveling to exchange ideas.


I have a standing offer of being very willing to meet people to show them around Padova, Italy (where I live) a little bit, or at least have drinks, and maybe a pizza.


The Hampshire (UK) gang could certainly meet, since we all live in the Silicon Valley (ahem) of England.


Big +1 on this idea for me too (I’m near Raleigh NC).


Sounds like a great idea.


The People Asked. The People Got. Category definition for Real-life Bootstrapped Meet-Ups


I’m in too! I’m from Barcelona.


Hola @ferranbarba

I’ve created a topic for a BCN meet-up in the new category for real-life meet-ups.