Weekly Check Up Email - Have any inspirational templates?

Do you guys have a weekly email that you send out to your users?

I have to mock one up soon and would like to provide some stats, but this will be a very MVP weekly email checkup.

Do any of you have any tips for things to include? Maybe some templates or samples for inspiration?

Thanks and cheers to bootstrapping!

Not sure if you’ve looked there or not, but I thought I’d mention this resource…

A place where I always find really great examples of emails is—aptly named—Really Good Emails:

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There’s definitely some humor in that name lol. I have not seen it before though - it looks awesome.

I started using a tool that is not even a year old a few month ago and they send regular status updates with just text, 2-3 of the most important metrics compared to last week and then a link to the app. It already gives a lot of value, and the simplicity makes it obvious that work will be done to improve this email in the future.

drum roll and it is…

Ah yeah, i intentionally didn’t mention it, because you asked for inspirational templates and that you are doing an MVP. My point is you don’t need an inspirational template yet, just ship something that provides the relevant numbers.

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