Website that adapts to user

We sell software for salons, barbers, tattoists, medspas etc. It is basically appointment booking and POS software.

Currently we have a fairly generic home page and then landing pages for different industries. We got feedback from one potential chain of barbershops they chose another system that was “barber” specific. I can understand this makes sense to them, but our software is exactly the same, other barbers chains use our software, and just quietly, I am sure our system would have been a better fit for them.

So what we are considering, when people land on our website for the first time they choose their industry and the website adapts to the industry they are. May mean changes in colours, images, content. Basically style will be the same.

Does anyone else have examples of this?

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The search term you’re looking for “Website Personalisation” - lots of tools around to help you do it and can integrate with email automation software too (so if someone identifies as a Barber for example then both the website and any auto-emails get personalized).

I would think it can work well as anyone (esp. non-technical folks) looking for a bit of software can easily get totally overwhelmed by the number of choices so they fall back into looking for simple signals like “designed for exactly my niche.”.

However just like email automation it can quickly get very (perhaps too) complex and you can probably get 80% of the effect by simpler methods like a prominent choice of "Read how it can help Salons | Barbers | Tattoists " (links to individual pages).

Perhaps not what you are asking for, but I like what Postmark does for this problem. From their home page top nav bar, they list and link to the industry-specific pages.

Craig, can you post a link to your site so we can see what you currently do?