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Hello Everyone,

I have developed a stock portfolio management / stock tracking program and just wanted to get some feedback on my website to see what I should do to improve it. I know it could be much better but don’t quite know where to start.

Site: Stock Portfolio Organizer


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It looks pretty good, IMO.

You might be able to make marginal improvements, but all the major things required on a home page for desktop software are there.

  • Good page title
  • Good description meta tag
  • Mobile friendly
  • “About us” with trust-building info
  • A clearly defined niche
  • A clear call to action (well, two actually, “Download” and “Buy”)

One thing missing is a favicon.

You should add a customer testimonial to the home page, if you have one. If you don’t, survey your existing customers, and extract a testimonial from one of their answers.

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Thanks for the feedback Steve! I will implement your suggestions.

There is always room for improvement. But I think the current website is ok.

I already remarked on the currency issue.

I would change the ‘screenshots’ page into a ‘tour’ page with some text. And space the screenshots out.

I wouldn’t bother to put your email and social media at the top. That is prime real estate. Why should that be the first thing they see? Move it to the bottom. Email probably should be clickable.

Copy is a bit flabby in places. Don’t use 10 words if 5 would suffice. Less is more.

“The Ultimate Stock Portfolio Management Software” is a bit bland IMHO. Maybe choose a strap line that emphasizes how yours is better than others.

Maybe mention the privacy benefits of storing it on your own computer, rather than the cloud.

HTH. It is much easier to criticize someone else’s website than improve your own. ;0)

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@andy Thanks for the feedback.

Is the market a bit too broad? ‘Investors’ are a massive market. What about specific types of investors? I’ve often thought of aiming a product at passive investors, or high yield investors, or technical investors, or… (etc)

I haven’t thought about that. I have made the product as flexible as possible to cater for different type of investors and traders.

The advice to target a tight niche is documented in many places, but broadly:

  • A broad niche is harder to find a compelling message for because the people in the niche have more varied requirements and backgrounds.
  • A broad niche is more expensive to market to because there are more competitors.
  • A broad product is likely to be pulled in different ways by customers and you’ll find it difficult to maintain direction.
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Yes, and you can make your product flexible, while focusing in on one sub-type of prospect at a time. Check out for more. (no affiliation)

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Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I need to do a bit of research.

What is the most strongest point you want to tell the visitor?