We are looking for Bootstrappers!

Hi all,

We are setting up a shared office space in London for bootstrappers. Currently, there are a few bootstrappers and we work together everyday on our separate businesses and it has been a great experience. We have weekly progress meetings, have lunch together and discuss growth and marketing at length!

It has been an enjoyable and motivating experience and we want to expand this and find a bigger place with more bootstrappers to join us. We’d love to get some more talented people on board and we would encourage you to take a look at the site and apply.

Site: solohou.se
Twitter: solohouseuk

We would love to hear any feedback about this project too and how we can improve it.



I just wanted to say how great it is to see some focus on solo bootstrappers :-).

I’m just north of Edinburgh, so won’t be able to join at the moment, but I wish you all the best with this!


Thanks for the support Allan. :slight_smile:

We are really focusing on boostrappers, it doesn’t matter if you are a solo founder or a co-founder but the requirement is to be self funded.

I wonder if it might be worth revising the opening line of the description text on the site in that case:

Are you the solo founder of an online business?

I got the impression that it was aimed specifically at solos. Regardless, I think its a great idea!


Sounds like a great idea, I’m a solo founder based in Derbyshire, so it’s too far away for me unfortunately.

Although it would be great if I could visit sometime.

Nice. If there was something like this in Barcelona, I’d be in.

After my experiences in co-working spaces in a few countries, I’d suggest making a “NO NOISE” rule and enforcing it whenever something forgets the rule or ignores it and starts having a skype call next to people who are also working.

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Nice idea! Where in East London are you?

I’m thinking of starting a bootstrapped project to complement consultancy work, but would benefit from being part of a community.

I’m working in Bethnal Green at the moment, so you can’t be that far away :wink:

Interesting, I’m based in Prague. I’d join if it was in Prague :slight_smile: