Wanted: A desk for a two days in Valparaiso or Viña, Chile

I’m in Valparaiso, Chile at the moment, on a trip in South America. I’m struggling to find a good work environment here, but I need to get some urgent work done. Do you (or someone you know) have a desk in a pleasant work environment with good Internet I can rent for two days this week?

I’m not familiar with the area, but could you find a coworking space? I’m not terribly familiar with the area so I can’t give any good advice.

4square comes up with https://foursquare.com/explore?mode=url&near=Valparaíso%2C%20Chile&q=Espaço%20de%20Coworking but there isn’t any real contact information there.

Also, worst comes to worst, you could use a hotel business lounge. Might be pricey :-?

I wonder if there’s any way you could get in touch with someone at the Startup Chile program to ask around. They probably know people.


They probably have an alumni network or something.

You can try http://www.regus.com/ but I guess you’ll have more luck finding something in Santiago, even if the odd Starbucks. There’s also a co-working space in Santiago: http://www.sharedesk.net/spaces/view/787/xyz-coworking--whatever/

Thanks all for the suggestions.

I had already tried googling for co-working spaces in this area. I found a couple but they seem to be theoretical or defunct. I’m trying to avoid travelling back to Santiago at this stage.

For now, I’ve found a nice cafe, but it is not the same as a quiet workspace with a good desk and chair and Internet where I’m welcome to spend all day. Oh well, the perils of working and travelling…