Video/animation agency- recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a video-production agency to create a short promo/educational video about a product?

I know “LessFIlms” dudes are OK, but they are a bit pricey for me ($5k min), was hoping for something around ~ $2k


You might want to read this blog series and see if it’s feasible to DIY:

There’s also a recent post by Nathan Barry:

Yeah, speaking of “do-it-yourself” posts - there’s also this post .

Hey @jitbit–I picked up a guy on oDesk to do an explainer video and it was VERY nicely done and not that expensive. $500 including voiceover and background music (it’s animated). I can get you his name if you like. PM me for details.

Hi Dave, can you share his work that he did for you with us if possible?

Caleb Wojcik has some solid tips and training for DIY Video production. I believe he also does production work.

Also check out Shawn Hesketh who does some very solid video work.