Vajro - A Mobile App Creation Platform for Ecommerce Stores

Hi! Vajro is our new project. We’ve created a mobile app development platform for e-commerce stores using Shopify, Woocommerce and kartrocket (as of now). We’re soon expanding the list to support more e-commerce platforms. We can develop a fully working app and return it in Just one working day for our customer to get a preview. This preview is fully free and if our customer is satisfied with the app they can choose to make it live by signing up with our plan.

The apps are fully native, meaning two different apps for Android and iOS.

You get unlimited Push Notifications - Our clients can notify their customers about their new sale or new products etc, and be sure they reach their customers.

Real time updates - All the changes made are real time, the users don’t have to update the app every time to see changes.

Our website:

Looks interesting for sure. Oh and I’ll go ahead and link you up…

Hey dev, Thanks a ton :slight_smile: