Using Resellers to reach Enterprise customers

I was wondering if anybody has tried working with Resellers (like ComponentSource) to reach more customers in the Enterprise, and think if it’s worth the effort/cost.
My goal is to reach a wider audience with SqlSmash, which is a product targeted at developers.
I see successful companies like JetBrains and RedGate have many Resellers listed on their website, just not sure if it’s an effective channel.

I don’t list my product with resellers - rather the way it works for me is that when an enterprise customer wants to purchase through a reseller, they tell the reseller who then gets in touch with me. I’ve never had a customer say “you aren’t listed with reseller xyz - I can’t buy your software” (although perhaps they just don’t tell me!).

They always generate more work and always ask for a discount for the privilege, so my view of them is somewhat coloured.

Having said that, if you have reasonably popular boxed software, it does seem like a good way to attract a few more eye balls.