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Using Mou (Markdown) for a User Guide


Hey everyone, just re-wrote some documentation for my next release of PDF Press. I wanted to pick a tool that was both lightweight, and something I could export to multiple formats (PDF, HTML, etc). The first version of my help guide was in Microsoft Word (bleh).

Figuring Markdown was the way to go I went searching for Mardown editors and came across a great tool for iOS called Mou

Final document turned out great. Here’s a screenshot of Mou in action

Finally feel like I have grown up documentation. :slight_smile:


I love using Mou, it’s so easy to use and the preview window is great. So much easier to create markdown documents


I’m a bit biased but I think that Wardrobe is one of the best MD experiences. I think @ericbarnes would agree.


Yeah I kind of got the idea for Wardrobe from IA Writer. IA shares a lot of features of Mou. Also I liked OmmWriter but it isn’t markdown specific.

I think it’s great that so many markdown type apps available now. Now if we can just get corps off trying to insert word into textareas. :smiley:


We’ve just open sourced the setup we’re using to write our docs. A few links:

It’s basically a Grunt and Jekyll setup with several nice features

  • We have created a plugin to generate the table of contents and prev / next links
  • We’ve configured Grunt so that any time a file changes the web browser will automatically reload it (if you have the LiveReload plugin). This gives a great editing experience.

It’s a bit more complex than something like Mou, but if you’re comfortable with the command line take a look. Would love to get feedback from y’all.


Cool project Noel! I really like it, I might give it a shot for some future add-ons


lol that would be a glorious day