User channel conversion metrics

I’m currently using google Analytics for a broad overview, but I’m unable to drill it down to different channels. Also, it’s limited because it only allows to set up pages for goals, not actions.

What I basically want is a tool that enables me to see where my users are coming from and how they convert (signups, trial, paid package).

Ultimately, I just want to get an idea which (paid) channels are worth it.

What are you using, any recommendations?

There is and

Let me know how you get on as I would be curious myself to see that works

Actually, you can setup Google Analytics goals that get triggered by an event.

Documentation on sending events with GA

Documentation on setting up goals (look for event goal details)

Hope it helps

I ended up building my own analytics dashboard. Took me around 8 hours to code and includes all the info I need.

Actually, it was pretty simple. I’m storing metrics on the server side thanks to Postgres’ JSONField. The dashboard is a dark Bootstrap theme and the charts are from

Here’s a screenshot from my dev environment:

So you have implemented your own tracking of events and such?
Or do you tap in external data (like Google Analytics) somehow?

Exactly. The only external service I’m currently using is

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