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US PayPal account as business (without SSN)


Would you please let us if know if it has worked with you or not? Did they agree to use the EIN as SSN?

Kindly help us with an answer, I am working now on a solution and hopefully will update you with the outcome


Hey guys! I was with the same problem. I’m from Brazil, but I have a company in the United States with valid EIN. I don’t have an ITIN, so I put the last 4 digits of my EIN (Employee Identification Number) that is like the SSN for corporations! Used my birth date and the address of my company. it Worked!!


Who has been able get the SSN


Hello there,

Any updates on this?


I founded an LLC in America. Have you found a solution to the problem? I need some help. I haven’t ITIN and SSN. I only have my EIN.


I tried doing that, but in the next step they want me to upload documents including Photo ID, Address document and SSN document. Did you not have to upload those?

I’m not sure when their policy changed, but it must have been recently. When I opened my LLC, bank account and then Paypal account, EIN was enough, Paypal didn’t ask or need SSN. As a foreigner, of course, I don’t have a US SSN, so I’m not sure how to proceed here.