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US PayPal account as business (without SSN)


Not really, I would prefer to resolve the situation on my account that I´ve been using for the past years. I guess that If I don’t have any solution I will have to.

The funny thing is that on the only support email I got that Im told to close my account they say to transfer all the money and leave 0 balance before doing so but when I try to log into paypal all I see is the verification form and I can’t move to another screen.


In my experience they paypal dont like “changes” happens to me when I relocate a few years ago. Hope you can fix it


I’ve had this experience too. I moved country, and couldn’t change the country on my PayPal account. Their support suggested I create a new account using another email address.



Guys any update. Are you able to open US PayPal Account without SSN, if yes HOW ?



Guys any update. Are you able to open US PayPal Account without SSN, if yes HOW ?

Please confirm.


I’m doing the same. I’ve EIN but don’t have SSN and trying to open an account. Anybody was able to create an account?


Hi chifliiiii,
Did this story have a happy ending? And if so, would you mind to share how you solved your problem?


I have seen that you had problem with SSN/ PayPal.

I was in the same situation. It was really horrible, because, i had had to delayed openning of our webshop.

Altough, we called the Paypal after long, long and lots of emails. It is interesting, they could make this problem immediate, via phone.

So i highly reccomend everybody to call Paypal with this problem and you will be done this.

The solution is really complecated and you must call them. But in short it was: They will set back your Business Paypal Account to Personal Paypal Account. They will set your EIN number of your company as a SSN number. After they will accept your company’s address as a official address. After all procces, you will set back to Business Paypal Account and it will work, guess.

What is important is that you mist call them because you can do this with their help and assists.

I hope i could help you and hope your problem is gonna done soon.



Hi, on phone PayPal said to me I Need SSN for the Contact Person. So does Somebody know what to do?



Dear pjc,

Where do you live in Vietnam, I’m in the same situation and can I have your contact so we can help each other?


The same situation. My email ctd.2311@gmail.com, feel free to contact.


Hello Pjc, I saw that you had the same issue that I’m having right now with my business account in PayPal. I dont have a SSN so what to know if you solved your problem using an ITIN Number instead of SSN. Thank you so much!


I called the PP customer service and they told me that I need a SSN, they DO NOT accept ITIN. Now my question is, if I’m not a US resident, therefore no SSN, can I submit the SSN of a friend (US resident) who is working in my company?


I have been searching for the same magic solution for a few days but no luck. Just chatted with the Shopify payments guru and discussed using an US formed LLC with İTİN and İEN numbers and wanting to pay tax in the US for doing business but they insist on SNN… I’m from Turkey and our idiot of a president has shut down PayPal even wikipedia for gods sake… :frowning: :frowning: searching for and answer with Payoneer but the money transfer rates are piling up and profit is going down along the way…


Hello chifliiiii My Name is Yolie ,That happended to me same Story paypal ofered me the visa ,Called paypal to ask if I can use my itin as a ssn and they said yes, after that this nightmare,I’m so stressed i have more than 10 years using paypal for my business this is killing me ,I received an email letting me know that my account will be limited I’m Planning to call for a resolution but before I’m transferring my founds by little just in case that they limit my account, im reading you guys ,wish me luck. :frowning: any advises are very welcome…


I will try that ,its a good option… Thanks for sharing.


yes,please let us know…


Same problem here but I just added the last 4 numbers of my EIN and YES it works. so until now no problems yet but I don’t know if I had made the right decision by doing this :sweat_smile:


Wow! I’m leaving 13% of revenue on PP fees because I set up a PayPal account outside the US.
My thinking was to incorporate in the US to benefit lower fees of a PayPal business account.

It seems it doesn’t work like that! Thanks for saving me time and stress.

Unfortunately my clients won’t move to other platforms given their convenience.

  • You need to convince them that this person is a partner or a member of the LLC
  • You can email/call paypal to let them know that you want to assign him/her as a US-based treasurer as well
  • They will ask for some documents to prove that this US-based person has an affiliation with your company, ask them what are these documents, this can be Bank Account Statement, Article of Incorporation, ID document of this person and his SSN and SSN card

Let me know if it went through