US Army Certificate of Networthiness (CON)

Does any one know anything about the CON process?

E.g. Whats needed, forms to be filled in, things tested etc etc.

As far as I know its an internal US Army only thing and the vendors are not any part of it - but its hard to get exact details. One customer did mention it and aluded to it being a months long painful form filling exercise and that scared him off (insert comments about why does it cost the military $1000 to buy a $5 wrench here)

Apparently a few of my companies products already have a CON certificate but I can’t even find out which ones - is there anything like a publicly accessible list?

According to the right hand side of that page, there is a list provided on the site “Army Knowledge Online” (and directly linked) - which is restricted to US Army personnel. So no, there is no public list by the looks.

Did you ever find out any more about this? It appears that PerfectTablePlan had a CON, but it has now expired. Military customers are starting to asking me about why PerfectTablePlan doesn’t have a CON, but I have no visibility into the process.

Found a little more - but not a lot!

Its an internal only program - there is zero visibility or input from outside.

  • US Army customers can see list of existing products with CoN.
  • Not all US army personnel will be aware of or understand what its about.
  • They can submit a request to add a new product and there is some form filling and a month or so wait.
  • My contact did ask for a bit of help filling in a few areas of the form but it was all real basic info - nothing complex at all (can’t remember exactly as was done over the phone but questions like ‘what information does this app transmit to other systems’, answer = nothing in my case).
  • At no point did whomever evaluated the app for the CoN get in touch to ask more detailed questions - god only knows what they actually do.
  • The CoN is valid for that version only for 3 years. (my contact did an application for version 2.*, not sure if this is really within the spirit of the rules but appeared to get through!)
  • Also as with most overly bureaucratic organisations - not everyone follows the rules - allegedly;)

TLDR: If it doesn’t have a CoN (or CoN has expired) its just because no one has requested one in a while - only US Army personnel can request a CoN, its not something that you can arrange.

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Ok, that is pretty much what I had gathered. Hopefully somebody in the US Army wants my software enough to fill out the forms!

It appears the US Air Force has a completely different certification system.

I’m not entirely sure the Army people understand * as “catch all” like we computer nerds do. :slight_smile:

The CoN of our COTS software product expired last November. What’s the process to renew in 2020? CMMC-NIST process?

As far as I am aware vendors have no control over or visibility into the process. You just have to hope someone wants your software enough to renew. I suggest you reach out to a few friendly military customers.

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