Under Armour CEO

One of the better interviews I’ve read in a while.


“I think sometimes entrepreneurs can get caught up with theorizing, hypothesizing, business planning - at some point, put the freaking pen down and go do something.”

Love that. I really liked what he had to say about not giving away equity, and also about not devaluing your product.

The short video on there is so good!

Ha, didn’t even watch the vid! It is good.

Good article/video. Equity aside, I wonder if lessons from physical product makers are particularly valuable for installable software makers (desktop and mobile), while the service industry might be a better source of ideas for SaaS makers.

I don’t know about the manufacturing angle, but at least from the business side I heard two good reminders:

  • Sell software. Every action should support this goal. Mind distractions.
  • Don’t undervalue your offerings. (Somebody just mentioned the relatively low price of a book/course here the other day.)