U.S. Health Insurance Explained

Hey so this is a total link dropping but I guess this is the right forum category for it. I spent 400 hours researching and writing this content about health insurance for individual and small businesses.

Here’s the articles I wrote.
Understanding Health Insurance


Understanding Insurance Terminology
Hypothetical Medical Situations
Types of Insurance Plans
How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan
Ways to Buy Insurance
Misunderstandings & Myths
Small Business Health Insurance

And here’s a hospital bill for having a baby in Canada, just to make everyone in the US feel even worse. :wink:


@andrey this was my family last week, enjoy your frozen utopia until May.

“Quantity: 4”…kinda sounds like a bill for having quadruplets :smile:

Hi @Allan_Branch, that looks like a very helpful site. Did you use a Content Management System to create it, or some sort of site builder, or is it hand-coded html and CSS?

Thanks Oliver, I hand wrote the content. We use middleman for the marketing site and blog side of the company.

I could show you a recent bill in the amount of $1430.00 for a 38 mile, non-emergency ambulance ride but suddenly I’m too depressed to even bother. Thanks @andrey. :wink: