Twitter marketing sprint

I’m thinking about diving into a marketing sprint with twitter ads for 3 months. Anyone else doing any marketing sprints right now?

Alright so I’ve been at it for a few days now. So far so good. Couple of interesting takeaways.

The funny vibe that I’ve been going for seems to be working. Have gotten some positive feedback about it from several people.


Also I noticed that I haven’t gotten any angry “you’re spamming” tweets (which I think are somewhat ridiculous anyways - to tell advertisers that are funding twitter that they’re spamming by legitimately advertising, but anyways…).

My last campaign which was more “professional” and not all goofy I got at least one or two complaints after only 11k impressions. I’m up to like 32k impressions right now and so far only positive feedback which has been awesome.

It’s also been really interesting to see how many people there are on Twitter within my niche (magento users) that didn’t already follow me. I kind of thought that maybe I had already saturated the “magento people on twitter” space since I’ve been pretty heavily involved there the last three years.

But there are tons of people that will favorite or retweet the promoted tweets and I’ll go peek at their profile and sure enough they’re not just some spambot account, but they’re a real person that’s following the magento account or some other related account.

So that’s been really interesting.

Also I got my first conversion yesterday from the campaign after about $93. Not a bad CPA at all. If we continue at that rate, we just might have a money printing machine on our hands!

Also it’s been cool to see that the clicks Twitter is reporting are actually matching up with what GA is showing. Last time around, Twitters clicks were way higher than what I was actually seeing in GA.

And Twitter allows you to pay for actual link click-throughs as opposed to paying for every single interaction (favorite, RT, reply, etc.), which was the only option I recall seeing last year when I ran a campaign. So that’s perfect.

One thing I still haven’t been able to figure out is how to get a promoted tweet with a video in it (my explainer video). The GIFs are actually videos technically and I didn’t have any problems with them.

But when I tried to promote my explainer tweet, it got flagged for review and I haven’t heard back from them.

I’ve been kind of blown away by how many “video views” the animated GIF tweets get. It makes sense because the video autoplays, and I know from my own personal usage of twitter that those auto playing videos definitely get my attention.

Also it’s been a huge hassle to get in touch with the advertising team. Emailed several email accounts over there, tweeted them, even called in and left a voice mail yesterday - still no response.

Kinda driving me nuts.