Twitter Lead Gen Tool

Not sure if everyone knows about the Twitter Lead Gen tool, but it allows you a way to create a card and collect leads with one-click within Twitter. I’m testing it out now and wrote up an article on how to use and will post the results there after a week

I thought I’d share and see if anyone has tried it or had good/bad luck with it or not.

I’m trying out twitter ads for the first time today. It seems reasonably well thought out and you can target quite precisely. I am trying to drive clicks to my training course for aspiring bootstrappers ( ). So far I am averaging £0.25 per click, which seems pretty reasonable. No doubt clicks will become more expensive as more people use Twitter ads.

@Andy how did it go? I’ve been thinking about trying it out myself.

I’ve just tried this and Twitter suggested a price of £0.95 - £1.25 per interaction, which can be a retweet, mark as favorite, not necessarily a clickthrough.
I thought it was too expensive and gave up. Obviously the suggested prices depend on how competitive your niche/keywords are, but I’d rather spend that on google adwords where I know users are looking for solutions when they see the ads.

Some numbers here:

I have done more experimenting since then.

If you bid low you can get clicks at similar price to adwords. However the quality of the clicks seems quite low. I may blog about this soon, if I can find the time.

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You can bid much lower and still get clicks. My suggested bid was around £1 per engagement. But I got a reasonable number of clicks bidding around £0.25. However only about a third of ‘engagements’ resulted in a clickthrough. So far I haven’t been able to attribute a single enquiry about my course or PerfectTablePlan sale after several hundred pounds of advertising…

@Andy Your updated comment says that if someone even clicks on username or hastag, you get charged.

Is it possible to know how many people actually clicked on link, as opposed to just opening the hastag? Or did you have to depend on your own analytics for this info?

Twitter don’t tell you. I had to use my own analytics.