Trial, evaluation, demo? Best wording question

What is the best wording to call an evaluation version of the software? I’m not a native English speaker.

  • Trial - sounds a bit outdated to me but I currently use this one mostly
  • Demo - some people may consider it that someone will guide them with using a demo, or that the version is crippled a lot?
  • Evaluation - this sounds the best (at least to me)

Bonus question, if a desktop software run time is limited, how to call the countdown timer? Currently it using the following format: “Trial HH:MM:SS” - would it be better to use Eval or Demo instead?

I think you’re putting way too much emphasis on a small point. Pick one, and move forward.

Your English sounds pretty good to me, trust your gut.

Countdown timer looks fine too.

If you have a super successful business and thousands of people coming to check out your product, then you can split test something like this using optimization software, but that’s way down the line.

While preparing a new major release, I discovered that nag screen wasn’t updated for years (8 years or so), that’s why I though maybe wording I used back then needs to be changed.