Trapped in trademark fiasco, looking for new name

My current startup brand name seems to be overlapping with one of major company trademark name. I spent almost 4-5 months bootstrapping and running it. I talked to couple of advisers, all of them say, it’s quite probable, I will have to give up my brand name and it’s won’t $$$ worth spending money fighting it.
Coming to point, I am already starting to think about new product name. Having bad experience, with current name, I need some help of people here. I will really appreciate, if you can just throw some unique names around and i will try to make something out it. Thanks!!

About startup:
It’s #SaaS company, building webservices (aka apis, microservices), targeting retailers. So solution offering will be typical SaaS pricing model which is subscription model. ($x per month), including free plan. I can share some more hashtags, #SaaS, #Microserivices, #Commerce, #E-Commerce, #Simple.
I am more leaning towards some unique name, whose domains & trademarks will be available.
For example: recently I used Zapier. Names like this, don’t run into trademark issues and better branding prospects.

I understand, it’s my first post here, using this login.


Here’s a few tools you might find helpful to find a name:

I’ve also created three ideas here, if people want to suggest new ones (or upvote a suggestion):

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Thanks mijustin…

Definitely worth bookmarking these links.