Transparency blogs / reports - What do you want to see in them?

I’ve always enjoyed following people who ‘open source’ their stats and numbers, starting with Patrick McKenzie and recently with Matt from Bugmuncher. Next week I start my new part-time job, and I’ll have at least one day a week to try to jumpstart some independent, bootstrapped, businesses. The first iron in the fire is my iOS app Postcard Panda, and I’ve released my numbers for March in this blog post.

For people who enjoy following this type of stuff, are there other things you would like to see in posts like these? What’s the most useful metric to you as a fellow bootstrapper?

I think it would be cool to track the hours you work on your apps/projects, and then show your effective hourly rate (much like Shane Labs does).

You’re already tracking some of the most important metrics (revenue, expenses, profit), I’m not sure if it’s possible with iOS apps, but page views/conversion rates is always good to see.