Training session in a local community center in California, USA

Since I have some iOS apps under my belt, a local community center has approached me to do an 8 hours, 1 day, weekend seminar at their location. This will help them raise funds. As of now I am not making any money out of it and am willing to do it for their fund raising effort. Also, I don’t have any training experience either.

This seminar will be about “iPhone programming for absolute beginners”.


  1. I could use Fivere to create a PDF flyer that they could print out and post it in different community centers to publicize the seminar?
  2. I could use a landing page to get email addresses to see if any one is interested in this kind of seminar?
  3. Any thing else I could do to market this seminar effectively. The center has email list where they could blast email with flyer PDF about the event and get people motivated to come.
  4. Am I missing any thing else in terms of getting the word out, of the efficient way to get the word out?


Local teachers might be a good resource. They may know of students that are on the fence about starting a class. An 8 hour seminar that helps you decide if you want to commit to a full semester is a good deal! I would expect there to be rules against the teacher talking about your thing in front of the whole class, but they could probably mention it one-on-one just fine I’d think. Worst they can do is tell you it’s against the rules anyway.

I see … I am relying on community center to send out blast email to their email list. I am just wondering what is the best way to interact with an existing email list

  1. PDF flyer … details about seminar.
  2. Landing page to collect email addresses of interested people.
  3. any thing else?

If the centre is organising the course, they should do the marketing too. They can’t expect you to both teach for free and bring in customers too.

They are doing the marketing… But their marketing is very old school. Their emails for their events are horrible. So I am wondering what kind of attachment or email layout I can provide them that it will be very attractive. I don’t think those guys are on MailChimp etc.