Training Management System

Hi all,

Has anyone encountered a service like Gumroad for online training - either live or recorded? Specifically, I’m looking for a platform that could manage some or all of the infrastructural elements involved in running a course:

  • Asset and video hosting
  • Chat, hangout-like functionality
  • Forums, FAQs, knowledge base
  • Payment processing

Is there something like this available, and if so, does anyone have experience, good or bad, with such a platform?

Don’t use a service myself, but I remember juggling the idea of creating something like this. But then googling for “coaching software”, “training software” etc. showed nice results of services with pretty much all the features you mentioned.

Seems like Gumroad + Wistia + Slack channel would cover all those bases, plus maybe a WP member site.

Also, have you seen this: Create your own online course with WordPress ?

Summet Evergreen

There are many, like Udacity. The problem is, they charge a large percentage commission. Udacity, for example, charges 50%. And you are still using their platform, so you don’t have much control or knowledge of users.

I will definitely take a closer look at this. It seems to have a lot of what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tip!

I’ve heard of Udacity before, but I’m looking at this for a customer / contact who already has his own clientele. So I’m not sure that losing control of that relationship (or the steep percentage charged for the service) will be acceptable, but I’ll take a closer look anyway. Thanks for the info!

Way late for the original request, but maybe useful for others. Something like Fedora might be appropriate: (haven’t used it myself yet)

I’ve used Fedora ( and it’s nice, but it has some cons for me:

  1. Uses Disqus for commenting, which I’m not fond of
  2. Doesn’t have a “hangout” or real-time video capability
  3. No real-time chat

Also, it’s unclear if they support different playback rates, e.g., play at 1.5x the normal rate.

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