Trade Show costs

I have a reseller who want’s to attend some trade shows. I think this is not necessarily a cheap thing to do, probably $5k + a pop, but I think it is worthwhile from a promotion point of view.

My question, who would bare the costs of this? Should it be 50/50? Although I think it is worthwhile it is still a fair slice of my meager marketing budget.

Will you be there as well (i.e. a joint booth)? Is the booth going to be solely promoting your product, or will the reseller be flogging other stuff as well?

Personally I can’t see why you would pay it all yourself (unless you really want to keep the reseller sweet)!

I’d skip having a booth and just go and talk to as many people at the conference as you can. Booths are an expensive way to break the ice, and that’s about it. If you want a cheaper way to break the ice then bring something with you that you can use to open conversations, like locally made candy or chocolate, or something along those lines.

This is not really a conference but a trade exhibition. I am pretty sure if you are an unpaid exhibitor going around canvasing people they will kick you out.