Track people coming to landing page and entering email

So Im trying to get people from multiple locations to a landing page (via ads etc), and want to track how many (and from which site) enter their email.

Most of the services that allow this (Mixpanel etc) require you to write Javascript, which I dont know. I dont want to use Google Analytics either, as find it horribly confusing.

Facebook pixels can do this, but I want to track people outside of Facebook too.

Is there a way, free or paid, that will allow me to see where people are coming from to my page, and how many enter their email in the signup form? Im on Wordpress, if it helps.

Avoiding js is easy, if you can do a little work “by hand”.
Install , then make a new redirection target for each source you have, e.g and redirect this through the plugin to your landing page. The plugin keeps the statistics. You then have to put in adwords as a target url your /from-adwords path.
Another similar idea is to go through an url shorter service, but I think it’s better to keep this “in site”.

Thanks, but that doesn’t tell me how many people actually signed up.

I can find out the source using something like ?=utm_source=Twitter, which is supported by most analytics software, without doing weird redirects.

I THINK Mixpanel does not require you to write .js (or if you do, it’s a very simple snippet). I did it and I didn’t need any .js knowledge.

Here’s how to do it in WP
(I’ve not tested the code below, don’t have access to my site right now, but this looks like what I used)
mixpanel.track(‘Page View’, {
‘Page Title’ : document.title,‘URL’ : window.location.pathname,‘Page Type’:‘Page’

You can just include their .js snippet, much like Adwords.

They also have something new: Autotrack
Here’s how to autotrack all pageviews (I’ve not needed it, so not tried it yet)

Thanks, let me have a look.

I’m the author of a SAAS product that lets you see exactly what users are doing on your site without any Javascript. It shows you a video like recording of the user’s mouse, keyboard, scrolling. etc.

I’m an new user and can’t include links, but it’s called ScreenSquid and you can find it at


Cool service. I’m using Hotjar, similar idea with the heat map recordings. Great way to see how a site is being viewed.

Hi Ian*! (* aka quadropus/screensquid)

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Thanks, but none of these fix my problem. Mixpanel is too damn complex to use, I tried Clicky as well, but it didn’t give me the answers.

There are many apps already that give you heatmaps / user recordings etc. I dont see how they help me, seeing as how I have no interest in sitting there looking at what User A is doing.

Im going to roll my own solution (or not, depending on how much time it takes).