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Tips on how to get a Mac app icon created?


The designer I normally use has hit the road and is currently unavailable.

I’m looking for someone to make an application icon for a Mac desktop app. I’m looking for someone with experience doing this, so that they are already up to speed with Apple’s design guidelines for app icons. I’ve tried oDesk in the past and been unhappy with the result I got.

Got any tips on where to look or who to ask?


Depends on your price range. I know of the high-end mac-specific design firms like pacific helm http://pacifichelm.com/ and iconfactory http://design.iconfactory.com/ . You may want to ping other ios/mac bootstrappers on twitter to see who they used.


As vivek mentioned, it depends on your price range. I had good luck with fiverr. I’ve used it to find someone that I liked and I paid them outside fiverr.



So in the end I tried oDesk again. This time things seem to be going well so far. I’ve stumbled upon someone who is impressing me with his skills, communication, and process.

Being cynical I can already predict the outcome here: as he gets “discovered” he’ll become less and less available and responsive as he gets overwhelmed with repeat clients. sigh.


I’d also suggest you look around Dribbble next time. Designers can set their profile whether they’re available for work or not, and you can get a sense of their work quality immediately from their uploaded images.