This is how you should build apps for the app store

I love this idea, because it leverages the IDEA of an app without actually building apps. It’s a solid niche that’s got some money. I think people should be looking at other flavors of this kind of idea in the mobile space.

Podcast with him on SFTROU


Our photographer friend is using that. She did a photo shoot for our newborn and sent us the link. Really well done, now I have an icon with my son’s face on my iPhone.

I’m not in the mobile domain, so I couldn’t understand how it works.

I believe the guy provides each client/customer with their own mobile application, where everything – from the icon to content – is custom.

But I thought every single application should be published separately and go through an approval process. Is it what happens? Then what if one day Apple decides there are too many clones of the same app and rejects the new submissions?

Or the mechanics of it is different?

No what this does is provide a custom Safari bookmark for the client.

So you go to the URL and it tells you to add the page to your home screen. The icon is your kid’s face or whatever they choose and then when you push the icon it loads a full screen Safari “app” that lets you see all of the pictures.

I’m sure it works similarly on Android.

This is how it works. You get sent a URL, you go to it, and you see this:

Once you add to your home screen, you see this:

And then pushing that icon launches a full-screen “app” that looks and behaves like an app.

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Right, not a real app you have to deal with the app store on. Just using the original ‘app store’ where it’s just a web page and set to the homepage with a custom image.