Thinking about starting a Bristol, UK meetup

I’m now based in Bristol, and thinking of starting up some kind of regular meetup for bootstrappers, side project builders and those interested in such endeavors.

Any interest? My rough idea is that we use the space to discuss real issues that people have - to get some outside, impartial feedback. Also to encourage networking so folk can kind freelancers for the things they need help with - or even people who want to work on an idea with them.

Let me know if that sounds interesting. If there is interest I’ll look for somewhere to hold an initial meetup and we can take it from there.


Does sound interesting thats for sure :slight_smile: I attend SWUX at ‘the elephant’ near st Nicks Market - it has a good upstairs venu for slides etc. The Peer related feedback element would be what Im most interested in.

Hi Rachel,

Great idea! I’m moving back to Bristol soon (in the next month or so) and I would be interested to get involved with something like this. Bristol has a lot of creative and technical people so I’d imagine there would be demand.

Perhaps call it “Bootstrap Bristol” or “Bootup Bristol” or something :wink:


Great idea! I’m a bit further down the West Country, but would like to meet a few fellow bootstrappers in person. Bristol is a good central location, so sounds good!

I’ve seen this event in Bristol before - never been though.

I might make the journey from Swindon. Depends on how much of a hassle it would be (e.g. can I park my car nearby).

It is on my todo list for this year to organize a meet-up in Swindon. I haven’t made a start on it yet though.

Sounds like a great idea! Would definitely attend (or try and help organize as well)

Yes, I’d be interested in this—sounds good!

I’m also interested as Bristol’s not that far away from Worcester and I think I’m going to need people to hold me to account if I want to get anywhere with a side project!

I’m based in Cheltenham and venture to Bristol for meet-ups from time to time. Would be interested in coming along if anything is setup.

I’d be interested in heading up to Bristol for this if it’s running.

Cool :slight_smile: I thought I’d propose a date in September - unless enough people would be interested in an August meetup? I’m past the kids on summer holiday stage (she is home from college and I have her gainfully employed editing text files and videos) so it doesn’t make any difference to me.

I’m going to throw my hat in the ring and say that early September / Late August suits me best. September is already filling up with things to do and go to.

I’m at the EndPoint conference in early Sept, so any time after 8th works best for me.

I would like to be there if I can make it. Would this be on a weekday or at the weekend? (My weekdays are mostly empty, but weekends are filling up)

I’d love to meetup with other bootstrapper/product types. I’m in Cardiff, but would be willing to make the effort if available.

OK, I’ve put up an page for an initial event on 3rd September in South Bristol.

I’ve said from 5.30 but my thinking was that if we make the official part of the evening between 7pm and 9pm, that means we don’t go on too late if people need to drive home and so on. I’ll head over there at 5.30 - the Tobacco Factory do nice food/coffee/beer - so we should be able to commandeer a table or two and if people want to come early to chat/eat/work on stuff that’s cool.

I’ve gone for the Tobacco Factory because it’s a big space so we should be able to take over a corner - they are also all about supporting independent businesses so it seemed a good fit! The only thing happening on a Wednesday is their quiz but that happens in the side room.

This initial meetup lets see who is interested, put some faces to names and see what everyone would like out of a real-life group and we can take it from there.

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Put my name down and will make the 1.5 hour trip.

Come on others - probably seems like quite a bother if your daily commute is 15 yards like mine but would be good to remember how to talk to peers face to face!

Just 50 minutes for you Mr Brice - how 'bout it? :wink:

Maybe. Is there any parking nearby? The Tobacco factory website says:

“There is customer parking in Aldi supermarket car park, but please note
the restrictions (90 mins max, which at time of writing applies 7 days a
week to any car entering prior to 7pm and leaving after 6am)”

It’s all residential streets - I live nearby - and there is normally parking on the streets off North Street on the other side of the road from the Tobacco Factory.