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Thermostat Launch


Hello all!

We’ve finally got a semi-finished version of Thermostat shipped. I haven’t made any public announcements or even emailed the waiting list yet. Doing a slow roll.

For those who don’t know, Thermostat is an NPS/CSAT survey tool. Making it really easy and affordable to survey your customers via email, popup, or direct link.

I was hoping some of you might be interested in trying it out and helping me kick the tires. I’m sure there’s still bugs and the onboarding process is… non-existent. But hey, better if my bootstrapper friends hit the bugs :slight_smile:

If you were on the prototype version you can just login, if not you can sign up at https://thermostat.io

As a bit of compensation for your trouble, anyone who signs up by Friday will get 50% off for life using the coupon code: bootstrapped2018

Hopefully, you find it useful, I’m really looking forward to your feedback (feedback on the somewhat unique pricing scheme welcome as well).



Congrats on getting this released, Ian!


From the Terms and Conditions:

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before using the https://larajobs.com website (the “Service”) operated by UserScape Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”).

Someone’s been copying and pasting… :slight_smile:


Doh! Thanks for catching that.


Congratulations @ian , the site looks great! :star_struck:

I wasn’t 100% sure what counts towards the monthly surveys, is it unique views of the survey (via embedded widget, email open, link click) or is it user submitted survey responses?


Thanks Laurie!

It’s not page views per se. When you email a survey that a 1, if the embed pops up a survey to someone that is 1 or if you use the link then it will only count as a survey on response. Doing views would have been unfair especially for the link as it could get indexed or whatever.

So it’s not the number of times the email is opened or the embed is loaded, just when the email is sent or the embed decides conditions are correct to open a survey.


Congratulations on launching @ian, the landing page looks great. I haven’t got anything to properly try it on, but wanted to feed back a little thing that I noticed. When I hit the Try It button for the embed, the contrast on the “Very unlikely” and “Very likely” text was a little low. I’ve not got bad eyes, but probably a combination of the colours, my oldish monitor and my eye line being closer to the top of the monitor rather than the bottom, made it pretty hard to see.



Thanks Dave! Good point, we’ll give that a tweak.


Congrats on the launch, the site looks awesome!

The “pay as you go” pricing model is really interesting. Without having researched the NPS/survey space, I would expect that this is not the standard practice. At the same time it makes total sense.

Curious to learn more about your experience with the pricing model after a few months.
Maybe something for the Bootstrapped podcast? :wink:


Yeah, I figure we can always switch to standard subscriptions but pretty hard to switch the other direction.

We’re still actually in super duper slow launch (I need to write up what we’re doing someday) but going to roll it out to more of our existing customers base soon as well as get more public with marketing so I should have some more details in a few months. Still, no complaints so far on pricing so that’s pretty interesting in itself.


Hey @ian, how are you?

Re Thermostat, there’s a huge assumption there - that people looking for their business already know and buy into NPS. I think at the very least link to some non-competitive site, wikipedia maybe? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Promoter). Later on, I’d suggest creating content that really explains what NPS is, how companies can use it, and cites some real world examples.

Makes sense?



Hey bud!

For now that’s 100% on purpose and I’m only interested in serving people who know what NPS and/or CSAT are. That’s still a pretty good size pool. Also, I’ve never been that good at that sort of content (either myself or paying for it to be written) so not going that route for now.

If I can find an interesting angle that’s not just ‘what is nps and how do you use it’ that every single other tool does I might. But I think the market is already big enough and there’s enough people searching for software tools that we don’t need to make that right now for it to work reasonable well.