The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS


The private analytics market went from deserted to extremely competitive in, like, 3 years?

But I’m considering going even further and switching straight to GoAccess.

It could be related to the GDPR coming into effect two or so years ago.

But then again, just about every viable software market seems to have become crowded!

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Very interesting read. Especially for someone who wants to move from desktop to SaaS products.

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It also feels like people are getting more hostile to Google & Co in general (but maybe it’s my wishful thinking).

By the way…

This did not work out: the dashboard is too DevOps-centered and there’s no option to track conversions. After checking the existing options, I decided to move to which is extremely lightweight (0.7 KB), starts at $4/mo, and looks neat overall.

It is open-source and can be self-hosted for free but that’s too much DevOps for my app development skillset. The downside is the lack of tracking between days (Plausible doesn’t store cookies) but I don’t rely on it anyway.

Thanks for sharing my blog post! Happy to see it sparked discussions on various sites.

I got a couple of customers on Panelbear who came via this forum, just wanted to clarify a few things here:

  • There’s a free forever plan with a generous usage quota. This is specially useful for bootstrapped founders, as commercial-use is allowed.

  • Paid plans start at $6/mo. And with annual billing (coming soon), 2 months will be taken off your bill.

Happy to answer any questions.