The Single Founder Handbook

Hi all,

Mike Taber (Co-host of Startups for the Rest of Us, MicroConf and the Micropreneur Academy/FounderCafe) just launched his book “The Single Founder Handbook”.

I guess you all might be interested:


Can you provide a brief review of this book?

Last I encountered Mike, he was having trouble getting a product off the ground. Has he managed to launch a successful product yet?

He’s been full time on for a while now.

I wouldn’t say that!

They are both equal partners, in both Micropreneur and the Startup podcast.

Not only that, Mike is very helpful every time I’ve emailed him (as is Rob).


I think that is a bit harsh. I bought the book and are a few chapters in and found it very interesting. Even if I learnt nothing (unlikely) I still think it is a good read about his journey. The book is not a bible or A to Z on how to be successful bootstrapper, there is no such thing, it is just some useful info on how one man did it, what worked for him and what didn’t.


That’s pretty harsh and not the kind of tone I like to see in a community that’s very much about helping one another out.

Mike’s a smart guy and seems to be doing ok for himself.


Agreed. I flagged that comment as inappropriate.

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I removed the comment. We’re all in the same boat, so let’s try to keep things civil. Fine line between constructive criticism that’s helpful and … all that.


It’s a good read. Packed with lots of solid advice. One way of describing it is “Startups for the rest of us” podcast condensed into book form.

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