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The Profitable Side Project Handbook



@rachelandrew has released her Profitable Side Project Handbook. I’m in it a bit and I thought she was just doing a little 30 page ebook. Instead, it’s a tomb of info on pretty much every aspect of selling digital stuff. I’ve read a good chunk of it already and highly recommended checking it out.


Thanks for posting this - I’ve been amazed at the response to the book - and how lovely everyone has been in helping me promote it. Once the dust (and the chaos in my inbox) settles I’ll write up some thoughts on what launching a book is like as a self-publisher as opposed to launching one through a publisher.

I hope it is useful to readers, I really enjoyed writing it and talking to everyone who I interviewed. I’m thinking of doing some additional interviews with people at different stages of their product business to publish on my blog - to help promote the book but also because these stories are just so interesting. So if anyone fancies answering a few questions for me, let me know!


Yes, I’m planning on doing some interviews for my blog also. Stop stealing my ideas! :wink:

I was telling my wife how you did all this one handed and she said we can’t even stay caught up on our day to day work with 4 hands. Amazing.