The Problem With Facebook

Great insight into advertising takeaways for business models re: social media.

The Problem With Facebook

Interesting observations.
I have recently tested Facebook adds for one of my sites and the resulting page views / likes are coming from not so relevant audience. Even if I have spent some time configuring add campaign for specific targeted audience.
Wondering if Facebook add campaign settings do narrow the potential audience much? Any experience with this?

I have played around with Facebook advertising but I don’t have any good metrics.

The interesting thing I found about the observations made in the video is that Facebook flipped the advertising model, essentially. Facebook is what it is today because of its user generated content. Facebook’s advertising could very well kill it.

I also agree that Facebook is a place to play. You’re not trying to get anything specifically done. At least with Google may know what you want and can serve up relevant ads.

I think Facebook’s advertising is similar to a general billboard.